Bespoke intercoolers in Maldon, Essex

Are you looking for bespoke intercooler designs? Contact MJS Fabrication. We provide high-quality intercoolers and chargecoolers in Maldon and throughout Essex.

Customised design and manufacture

For customised intercoolers, contact MJS Fabrication. We specialise in manufacturing bespoke intercooler designs. The advantage of having a product by MJS Fabrication is that rather than an ‘off the shelf’ version, an intercooler purchased from us will be designed to suit its application – the right core dimensions, inlet/outlet size and position etc to suit the power of your engine, the boost pressure created by your turbo charger and will maximise the space available. The same theory is applied to our coolant radiators.

Designed to suit your specific requirements

For high-quality, customised intercooler designs, contact MJS Fabrication. The ‘end tanks’ are constructed by us from aircraft grade lightweight aluminium, fully TIG welded and pressure leak tested before despatch.

We can make an intercooler or radiator to your exact specification, either from a drawing or by having the vehicle in our workshop.

A range of design and installation services

Our services include the following:

  • Intercooler design
  • Intercooler installation
  • Bespoke intercooler manufacture
  • Personalised intercooler consultation
  • High-quality intercooler craftsmanship
  • Nissan Navara front mount intercooler

    Our new Front Mount Intercooler for Nissan Navara 2.5 DCi, now available from MJS for just £465.00. Overall result – 15 degree C temperature drop, smoother throttle response and quicker 0-60mph.

    Standard intercooler MJS Fabrication intercooler
    0 – 60 mph: 80 degrees celsius  0 – 60 mph: 40 degrees celsius
    Inlet temperature: 114 degrees celsius Inlet temperature: 49 degrees celsius
    Outlet temperature: 114 degrees celsius Outlet temperature: 34 degrees celsius

    Ford Mondeo front mount intercooler

    After being approached on several occasions, MJS Fabrication has designed and developed a new front mounted replacement intercooler for the turbo diesel Ford Mondeo. Manufactured using the latest core technology, extruded tube and larger capacity, with 80% more volume and better than twice the standard intercooler flow rate. This intercooler is an ideal upgrade for both standard or modified vehicles.

    Standard intercooler MJS Fabrication intercooler
    Outlet temperature: 80 degrees celsius  Outlet temperature: 40 degrees celsius
    BHP: 115  BHP: 145
    Torque: 280 nm Torque: 340 nm

    MJS Fabrication designs and manufactures bespoke intercoolers. To book our services across Essex, call us

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